Villaggio Globale

Villaggio Globale, mediante un sistema di articoli connessi fra loro e scritti da scienziati, docenti universitari o da divulgatori specializzati, affronta su argomenti monotematici i problemi che preoccupano l’attuale società e stanno mettendo in pericolo la vivibilità delle generazioni future.


Seismic signature of active intrusions in mountain chains

Intrusions are a ubiquitous component of mountain chains and testify to the emplacement of magma at depth. Understanding the emplacement and growth mechanisms of intrusions, such as diapiric or dike-like ascent, is critical to constrain the evolution and structure of the crust. Petrological and geological data allow us to reconstruct magma pathways and long-term magma differentiation and assembly processes. However, our ability to detect and reconstruct the short-term dynamics related to active intrusive episodes in mountain chains is embryonic, lacking recognized geophysical signals. We analyze an anomalously deep seismic sequence (maximum magnitude 5) characterized by low-frequency bursts of earthquakes that occurred in 2013 in the Apennine chain in Italy. We provide seismic evidences of fluid involvement in the earthquake nucleation process and identify a thermal anomaly in aquifers where CO2 of magmatic origin dissolves. We show that the intrusion of dike-like bodies in mountain chains may trigger earthquakes with magnitudes that may be relevant to seismic hazard assessment. These findings provide a new perspective on the emplacement mechanisms of intrusive bodies and the interpretation of the seismicity in mountain chains.


Francesca Di Luccio, Giovanni Chiodini, Stefano Caliro, Carlo Cardellini, Vincenzo Convertito, Nicola Alessandro Pino, Cristiano Tolomei, Guido Ventura